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I love the recording process.  I love fiddling with mic placement, with the acoustics in the room, with getting the mix just right.  This page will not reflect any of those things.  This page is for the raw, unadulterated recordings that I'm working on that are either brand new songs or brand new recordings of old songs.  This page is all about the demo.

Unreleased Demos
On this page you'll find songs that are in process, or just rough cuts of recordings that aren't quite songs yet.

All of the songs posted below are in .mp3 format. Right click and "save target as" to download them to your hard drive or to wherever you're saving them. Please download them before listening to them instead of just listening to them on the web. Also, while you're here, check out the Albums page for even more music!

Please remember that these are just rough demos...very few (if any) effects or mastering processes have been done to them, and I don't guarantee the quality of the mix, either. Also, I'd appreciate if you didn't sell any of the content found on this page, or otherwise gain financially from it in any way, since all content is copywritten.

Since these are still demos, I'd love to hear from you about what you think. Drop a line with your feedback. Thanks for listening!

(Whenever "Andy" is referred to below, it's Andy Brenner.)

Posted Song Title Notes


The Sweetest Sense (Andy on keys)
The Sweetest Sense (Original with me on piano)
The Sweetest Sense ("Official" demo, waiting for Andy to add piano)

08/02: Andy has added piano and organ. Here's the first mix with those additions. It's so nice to hear someone who can actually play the piano play this song. I need to fix some parts on the harmony, and do some cleanup of EQ and effects, but otherwise, this one is pretty close to being finished.

03/27: This is perhaps the second song that I wrote on the piano. I originally did my best Bruce Springsteen impersonation when playing this, but I think its fallen away from Bruce after I brought it back to guitar. I've sent this one off the Andy for keyboard and vocal harmony tracks.


Lips Sublime Re-recorded
Lips Sublime (with drums!)
Lips Sublime (edited version)
Lips Sublime

07/31: *Now with better drum sounds. I changed the kick and the snare drum sound and tweaked some EQ and mixing. I added a section, and threw in some electric guitar for fun, too.  The guitar solo desperately needs work.  It's a placeholder for the time being.  (But listen to that drum fill back into the chorus after the breakdown...it's almost like a machine is playing the drums!)

03/27: I wrote this in February 2006 and recorded the very first demo of it in March. This one is round two. The long intro will get chopped if I ever get a drummer...I'm thinking drums and bass intro, with acoustic guitar coming in right before the first verse.

03/29: The edited version is just a little tightened up. I cut the intro and a few of the refrains.

03/31: Whiff sent me his first take on drums. I takes him a little while to get into the groove and part of that was hearing the click track on his set-up, he said.  And probably because he's out of practice, also his words.  Anyway, I think this first drum track shows some promise.


Anger and Shame - with drums - take 2 1/2
Anger and Shame - with drums
Anger and Shame

07/24:  I think I'm getting the hang of this Fruity Loops thing.  Second round with drums just posted.  I'm leaving the other one up just for a fun "compare and contrast."  Enjoy.

07/20: First round with drums. Whiff will need to critique it, give me some assistance with the fills and then I'll need to re-record up from the drums, since I strayed from the click track in a couple of places. But overall, I'm happy with how this first try with drums turned out.

03/27: I've been kicking this song around for about 3 years now, trying to iron out the lyrics and the structure, and I've settled on this arrangement for now. This one would definitely benefit from bass, drums, keyboards.


I Know You (Thoughts) - With Drums (remixed)
I Know You (Thoughts)

07/20: I added a drum track. Thanks to Brian Pluta for the tips and samples on Fruity Loops, and to Whiff for some help with the beats. It's not perfect but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out so far.

04/05: Another freshly recorded old song.  We used to play this for like 8 or 9 minutes with GATF.  This is a stripped down poppy version that comes in around 3:50.  I tried out some reverb (subtle) and played with some compression and hard limiting.  Still *very much* a demo version of this song.  It needs drums, bass, and piano.

Chelle suggested a switch to the title, which I like very much. Hence the change.

03/29/2006 Away This is another old one that is begging for band involvement.  It desperately needs drums and bass, and Mark Lang's mad guitar skills.  I also fooled around with some dynamics processing with this mixdown, so there's a lot of compression and some hard limiting that's been applied.  Since it's just the demo version I can do that and not worry about how it sounds.
Wake Me (original)
Wake Me (slightly polished)
I wrote this song for a friend of mine that I haven't talked to in a long time. Two versions here, the original recording (first take ever!), then a little more polished version with the harmonies in the right places at the right times. A semi-up tempo version is in the works.
03/27/2006 All Been Said This is a song that I wrote back in 1995 or thereabouts that never got any play from GATF or from Hoobajoob. It's chock full of cliches and pseudo-cliches, and almost-cliches on purpose, hence the title.
03/27/2006 The Wings We Fly On I really like this song, but I still think it's missing a little something. I wrote the refrain in mid- to late- 2005 and didn't work up the verses until just recently. Andy's piano solo is a magnificent piece of delicate playing, and whatever happens with this song, I really enjoy the piano solo.
03/27/2006 Don't Hide I wrote this song after my sister got back from being stationed in Afghanistan, but I've never played it for her. She's moving to Korea (still in the Army) and I'm trying to get a decent copy recorded for her before she goes. There are a couple of spots on this take that I'm not happy with, vocally, instrumentally, and mix-wise.
03/27/2006 I Want To Be Your Man Claire doesn't like this song. Admittedly, I'm not sure if I'm cool enough to pull this off or not. But just imagine (as I do) Lenny Kravitz getting a hold of this and rocking it out. The ladies would certainly respond well to Mr. Kravitz. Now just replace Lenny Kravitz with me. (Perhaps too much of a stretch? I told you I didn't know if I could pull it off...) Anyway, the mix is bad (watch your volume on those refrains).
03/27/2006 So Far Away I've probably spent way too much time on this demo, laying track over track over track. I like the song, but I will probably wind up re-recording most of it (if not all of it) to a click track so I can send it to Whiff for some drums to be added on. This one definitely needs some percussion and some low end. And a phat organ to bust out during the refrains.

Some pictures from the home office studio.
doug mckenna - weakling records - home studio
doug mckenna - weakling records - recording in the home studio
doug mckenna - weakling records - home studio

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