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I started making t-shirts a long time ago, inspired by another Doug who was experimenting with silk screening his labelís logo on things like his skateboard and his guitar amp. The weakling shirt is somewhat of a philosophical statement. Itís moderately self-effacing if you interpret it to be a label on the wearer. But have you labeled yourself by wearing it, or are you calling out the people who read it? And either way, itís O.K. Jesus told us to become like little children, and most little children I know are genuine weaklings. Iím just doing what Jesus told me to do. What are you doing?

The Weakling Tee
On this page you can order your very own "weakling" or "Look who bought the myth." t-shirt. You can also see some pictures of others who are brave enough to wear them out in public.

Be the first one on your block to own your very own weakling T-shirt.

Just send an e-mail with your shirt size and a shipping address. "weakling" tee's are only $10.00 per shirt (plus shipping, if applicable). All shirts are hand screened onto 50/50 cotton blend, preshrunk tee's.

If you've got a favorite shirt that you want "weakling" added to, just drop the shirt in the mail and I'll screen it and send it back for only $5.00. T-shirts, tank tops, baby onesies, even sports bras have been adorned with the weakling logo. Send a picture of you in your weakling shirt and it will be added to the photo gallery!

Send in pictures of you in your weakling shirt for photo gallery!