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Recording is simultaneously incredibly fun while also being wildly frustrating. I’m both a perfectionist and an idealist, which means that I want to get the best performance possible down on tape (or mostly down to digital these days) but I don’t want to compromise the integrity of the feel of a live performance. I want the energy and the little mistakes to come through without having the entire recording sound shabby. This is usually possible because I wind up recording a lot on my own, just multitracking by myself in my “studio” which also doubles as either the basement or the home office. So there are plenty of mistakes evident in these recordings, but there’s also plenty of passion, excitement, and energy. Oh, and music worth listening to.

Available Albums
On this page you'll find all of the albums available through weakling records. Order yours today.

"I Wrote These Songs Specifically for Now"
The newest album from Doug McKenna is now available. A melodic melding of some of Doug's early songs coupled with more recent material, this album is an acoustic rock gem. Andy Brenner accompanies Doug throughout the album on keyboards. Doug plays 6- and 12-string acoustic guitars, 6-string electric guitar, mandolin, bass, drums, and other assorted percussion, while providing all of the vocal work. Order your copy today.

doug mckenna - IWTSSFN cover doug mckenna - IWTSSFN back cover

doug mckenna "I Wrote These Songs Specifically for Now"
weakling records + April 2001
  1. No Longer Spinning
  2. Brokenhearted Dreams
  3. Sky on Fire
  4. Aye Aye, You
  5. Wherever You Go
  6. Tender Our Joys
  7. Mom and Dad
  8. Job's Blues
  9. All Our Borrowed
  10. Go Ask Peter
  11. Undertow

hoobajoob windowpane Hoobajoob's "Windowpane"
weakling records + March 2000
  1. Ask Her  Lyrics
  2. Big Screen  Lyrics 
  3. Piper, Piping  Lyrics
  4. Finding Out Sally  Lyrics 
  5. Only Beauty  Lyrics
  6. Don't Go  Lyrics
  7. F.O.B. (Gone Away)  Lyrics
  8. Rain, Lament  Lyrics
  9. These Days  Lyrics
  10. Walking On  Lyrics
  11. Wanting, Waiting  Lyrics
  12. Not Alone  Lyrics 
  13. Someday  Lyrics
  14. afrocubanmisslecrisis

Bonner Mead EP "Bonner Mead" EP
weakling records + February 2003
  1. Bonner Mead
  2. Rain, Lament
  3. Hypothetical Situation
  4. Bonner Mead (live)
  5. Good-bye (acoustic)
  6. Wake Me

George and the Freeks George and the Freeks "Join Us On the Ride"
Who is George? Music
These are free! Limited quantity still available
  1. Fell
  2. Gypsy Moths and Cantaloupe
  3. Spinning
  4. When I think of You
  5. Oddity of a Stranger
  6. Me To You
  7. Desert Song
  8. Good-bye
  9. Field of Bliss

All Songs © Copyright 2000, 2002, weakling records except
"Join Us On the Ride" © Copyright 1995, Who is George? Music and
"Hypothetical Situation" by Brian, Colin, and Vince

Available exclusively through weakling records. To order copies, contact weaklingrecords@hotmail.com